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Outside Light in Swaffham

Project: Outside light installation.

With the back garden opening on to a field, when the sun went down the back garden was very dark. This project provided the back garden with much needed outside lighting.


  • Provide an outdoor flood light to light up a 20-meter back garden.
    Have the light come on when entering the garden from the back door of the property.
    Use the existing power to the shed.


  • Shed power comes from a spur connection to the kitchen ring so lighting will need a 5 Amp fused spur. Consequently, spur would need to be in a water-resistant box.
  • What cable to use to power the light? Cable must be water resistant. In addition, cables made of PVC are not suitable for outdoor use. Due to the sun’s rays weaken the PVC insulating properties over time.
  • The flood light included a PIR switch.
  • Central heating exhaust would cause the sensor to activate. Therefore, placement of the sensor would be crucial.
  • How many lumens or watts does the flood light need to be to illuminate the garden?


  • Opening the door to the garden activates the PIR.  As a result, the light floods the garden.

The Outside Light installation project. Flood light installed with a PIR so when you enter the garden from the back door the light comes on. The 10 watt 875 lumen light illuminates the garden nicely. The electrical cable will not deteriorate in the sun and the PIR will not activate when the central heating comes on.

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