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Electrical Improvement Projects

Small jobs finished or big projects started.
Quality workmanship on show!

Now could not be a better time to get that electrical improvement project started. From changing that lighting fixture in the kitchen to adding a office space in the garden, GJ Electrical is the business to call.

Every job a Technical Electrical Projects

We take your electrical improvement project requirements and turn them into reality. Thereby improving your everyday living.

No matter what the size of the projects, GJ Electrical first priority is safety. Registered with NAPIT you will find us on the Electrical-Safety First web site.

Have a project that needs certification by the local council?
No need to worry.
GJ Electrical can register the installation with the appropriate council. As a result your project gets started on time.

Find all about GJ Electrical

Small or big electrical jobs at GJ Electrical, each carries the same importance.

We have a full Range of electrical services available.
Tailoring of electrical projects to individual requirements.
Delivers a high quality of service at affordable prices

Some electrical improvements to consider.

The electrical installation usage in older properties has changed over the years. Firstly the number and placement of sockets is not what is needed. Secondly Lighting is in the wrong place. Last but not least safety may not be up to standard.

The quality of workmanship may not have been what it should have been on previous jobs. Thereby leaving you with unsightly or dangerous electrical improvements.

With todays use of garage spaces the electrics are no longer suitable. Perhaps new sockets installation is in order.

Working from home has become something that is common now. A power to shed project may give you office space in the garden.

As a result of the number of extension leads used throughout the property. Sockets become overloaded and tripping hazards are present. 

Switches and sockets tend to wear with constant use. Consequently resulting in flaky or dangerous operation.

Regular improvements and upgrades to your home help improve its value. Above all safety is improved. A consumer unit upgrade for example.

Extractor fans become less effective over time. Therefore opening the possibility of mould and mildew damage.

Older fuse boxes do not protect newer electronic equipment. So expensive electronics are at risk of damage.

Property security and safety deteriorating. Due to weather conditions affecting outside lighting.

Quality workmanship is the hallmark by which GJ Electrical is known. In short he will take each task and give you a finished product you will be happy with.

Want more information or to discuss your upcoming project?

Contact me and I will be only too happy to discuss your requirements. Estimates are free.

Click below to see examples of the electrical improvement jobs I have completed.

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